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Asking for Advice: Entertainment Center + Screen (pics included)

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OK, so they're not exactly PICTURES, but these should give you the general idea :)

The situation:

I have an entertainment center with my TV, DTV Receiver, Tivo, DVD player, and stereo receiver, along with my center speaker channel and all my DVDs. In short, removing the entertainment center and projecting on the wall is not a good solution.

I'm trying to come up with an easy, affordable, and good-looking solution to putting a screen in front of the entertainment center somehow. I'd like it to be easy to put on/set up and remove, low maintenance, and long-lasting. Here's the current setup:


The entertainment center is exactly 5 feet wide, and as it turns out top to lower shelf is approximately 3.75 feet, making a perfect 4:3 area. I've come up with two solutions so far, but they each have their drawbacks...

1) Stretch a bedsheet or some other material across the face of the cabinet, and install some type of fastening device on the sides/back/top to hold it taunt, like so:


Drawbacks: Material might wrinkle in storage, might be hard to keep it taunt without "waves" in the fabric.

2) Install a screen-roll along the top of the cabinet, and pull the screen down when needed, like so:


Drawbacks: All roll-away screens I've seen have inherant" waves" in the material, (big one) remote controls don't work through screen.


I created an AVS forum account to ask all the experts here for advice. What would be a good solution, is it something I haven't even thought of yet? Also, how much would I be looking to spend? If I should use the cloth, are there any fabrics which don't wrinkle when folded/stored away?

If anyone's interested, I have an X1, and it will likely be ceiling mounted.

Thanks in advance for your help!!

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what about a Portable pull up or pull down screen like on this page?

I'd really like the screen to be a fixed solution - i can just mount one of those pull-down screens on top of the entertainment center, like I described above.

What would be a good screen for that room - I don't have too much light control, so I'll mainly use the screen in the evenings or night, and I'll likely be putting it up and taking it down often.
Anyone, advice? Please?
do a foot lambert calculation.

lumens X screen gain / square feet of screen = foot lamberts.

use 70% of manufacturers specified lumens and shoot for a screen size that matches your viewing preferences.

15 foot lamberts for a dimmer movie look

50 for a strong punchy sports look

somewhere in between for best of both worlds.

Theaters are about 12-16 fl, direct view CRT TVs are around 50 fl and Plasmas are often around 70 fl.

dont forget your environment you'll be viewing in. a dimmer look(14 fl) may work in a dedicated light controlled theater but NOT with a little ambient light present like more of a media room.

I prefer and recommend 30-50. This generally pleases most that don't want a cave. I've been at 14 and was not happy
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I read a post a while back where a guy mounted brackets on the back of the entertainment center at each end. Then when he wanted to watch the projector, he slid an upside down "L" shaped support into the brackets with the leg of the "L" extending out a couple of inches past the front edge of the entertainment center. Then he just hung a portable screen on the supports. Depending on how long you make the "stem" of the "L", you can control the height. I'm sure once you start playing with it you can come up with an ideal height.

Stash the brackets and screen behind a couch when not in use and you are all set.

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