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Was bored on this cold weekend and decided to put together a little application to control aspect ratios for software based DVD & Blu-ray players. It’s pretty basic right now but does seem to work. I still need to add support for hotkeys but I wasn’t sure what would be the best way to implement, so any feedback would be appreciated.

Setup a custom resolution like 1920X800p then stretch the player to fill the screen.

Requirements: DOT.NET framework version 2.0

Directions for use: Start your software player then launch ARControl.exe, press “New” button then select the software player in the list box and type in the name of your aspect ratio then press “OK”.

For PowerDVD make sure you have "Stretch to Fit the Screen" checked under Aspect Ratios on the PowerDVD context menu.

You should then be able move the software player around on the screen using the appropriate buttons.

To hide the window press the "Hide" button. Recall the window using Alt-Tab.

Automatically save all aspect ratios on exit.

Download and unzip from this link.


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