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Greetings All,

I am a neophyte when it comes to home audio trying to soak up as much as I can from this forum. I still have a lot to learn and was hoping for your input. I have a 12x12 carpeted room enclosed by three walls and opens into a kitchen + dining area thats probably 15x15. I am looking for a flexible system for blu-ray movies and my wife's cd collection.

I was trying to decide on the Intimus 4t system vs. Energy RC-70's + RC-LCR + R 10's or 30's. I realizing I am missing the subs for the RC system but budget will expand later in the year so am hoping to add on then. Though the Intimus system comes with them. I was thinking of using the pioneer VSX 1019 as the receiver. Would greatly appreciate anyones thoughts about this set up or if there is anything else I should look into.

Thanks a lot!


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With Aperion you have a no cost/no risk 30 day in home trial. Give it a try, if you do not like them ship back with no hassle for you. Aperion does have a one year trade up on speakers. Sub is not included in trade up program. 10 year speaker warranty also on top of excellent service. I have been more than happy with Aperion and their customer service. You could ask this in the Official Aperion thread or do a live chat during the week on the Aperion website. Hope that helps.
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