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Hi All,

I plan to buy an LG 32LC2D LCD TV for my parents, who already have a DigiMatrix and currently use it with a CRT TV via S-Video.

My old folks are overseas and not that computer savvy to try different configurations to see if the new TV would work with 1:1 pixel mapping. Perhaps someone has experience of using DigiMatrix (yeah, I do realize that it is a very old system by todays standards - but it still works fine for what they do - occasional DVD viewing, e-mail and web surfing) in such configuration and could share it?

As far as I understand the latest video driver for SIS651 is uvga3_373.zip. I recall I had to do some minor registry tweaking to enable higher resolutions, but the 1360 and 1366 are not standard ones, so I am not sure if they would work.

Also I tried and did not manage to enable DXVA mode when I was configuring that HTPC for them over a year ago. I tried all of them - WinDVD, PowerDVD, Sonic filters but could not make them work in hw acceleration mode. The only way to play HD MPEG-2 on DigiMatrix that I found was to use Elecard filters in sw mode with quarter resolution. Has anyone found any solution to this issue? Perhaps a newer version of MPEG2 filter from those known software companies now works on SIS651 in DXVA mode?

Thank you, I appreciate any help.

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