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ASUS DiGiMatrix - Barebone HTPC

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found this to be an interesting product for those interested in htpc's as it comes in a nice looking case that matches most equipement and it comes with a lot of features included.

Major drawback however is upgradability and modification:

it lacks any PCI slots (no possibility of upgrading the audio)

no AGP slot (limited to crappy onboard video, far from ideal for those that play 3d games or are interested in video processing)

no expansion for additional CDR or DVD (although you can switch it with a dual reader or a DVD-RW- however I don't know whether there are any that are in the slim format)

Nevertheless, if this thing goes for about $200 it would be a steal, although I suspect it would go for around the price of a shuttle box ~ $300.
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I wish these companies would stop putting the SPDIF outs on the front!!

Sorry, had to get that off my chest... :)
No kidding, like I've got a pair of opptical/SPDIF headphones.

Very nice looking box overall.

I agree. I think it'll be a nice premade HTPC offering, but probably won't have the flexability of a power HTPC (like I'd know, I'm still building my first). However, it'll be great for the casual computer user. But- I do have to echo other people's opinions that the front optical out is retardastic. Why in the world would you want to connect the optical out IN THE FRONT?? Obviously most people will connect their HTPC with an optical cable, and keep it connected. Well then how are you going to shut that slick looking door? DOH! Who do they have designing these things?
It will probably be around 500+
this is a barebone system, it doesn't include a cpu or memory.

it has to be competitive with the shuttle systems, because thats what it basically is, except with a modified case design and some more connectivity options.

$500 would be a ripoff, imho it would go for about $300.
ripoff?? Not if it comes with a slimline CD-rom. Those puppies are expensive.
Slimline cdroms are one thing, but you'd most likely want a dvd-rom in this and they're even more expensive. Don't see anything about an included CD or DVD ROM on Asus' web-pages. It does have gigabit & wireless LAN though, memorycard reader and TV-Tuner/Video in for recording. All together the features will probably justify a $400. The front only SPDIF makes it useless to me though :-/ And it only supports FSB400 cpu's.


i'd pay about $25 for that...what the hell is the point of an S/PDIF on the front?
Here's something similar from Video Without Boundaries, Inc. :

Originally posted by -LD
i'd pay about $25 for that...what the hell is the point of an S/PDIF on the front?
Cmon guys... have you ever handled a soldering iron ? you should be able to reroute the SPDIF out in the back of it in 10 minuts.... the thing still comes with a tuner card that does HDTV.... it looks slimer than any other case...

My personal concern are the 2 fans i saw on some pictures... that doesn't look quiet...
it comes with either a DVD-ROM or a DVD-ROM + CD-RW drive

HK retail price is about US$450

the only merit I see is that it plays DVD/CD/FM (possibly TV) with PC off i.e. a standalone media player.
MSRP is ~$500

it has no CPU or RAM.


I didn't see anything about a HD tuner. It said HDtv on the box but nothing specific.

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