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Hi, all,

I have 2 different ASUS EEEBoxes: one EB206 and one EB1012. I use them both as media players for DVDs that have been ripped to my WHS. Both work quite nicely for DVDs, while the EB1012 (due to the ION) plays Blu-ray rips as well.

A problem has surfaced in the last little while that has me perplexed. After a period of inactivity (for instance, from one night to the next), when I switch to the input that is my EEEBox, I get no video or audio. It takes a hard reboot to get things back to normal.

I have them both hooked up with HDMI out for both Audio and Video. One (the 206) is fed directly into a Samsung TV, and the other is fed into a Yamaha RX-V1700, which then feeds a projector. Both are running Windows 7 Home Premium.

At first, I thought it was a situation where there was no new picture going out of the nettop, so after a while, it turned off the HDMI. But this seems not to be the case, as I have turned on screensavers, etc.

If I just leave either one for a few hours, they come on just fine. It's just the overnight that seems to screw things up.

P.S. I have all power settings set to highest performance. Should never sleep, etc.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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