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Asus GT610 ddr3 2gb

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I'm trying to get used to my home theatre PC, and reach it's capabilities.


I never had any joy with the onboard graphics from an i3 4130 and Intel's support wasn't exactly filled with many explanations (but apparently I have a config problem - anyway, moving away from this as it's no longer an issue with the GT610).


Is it normal to be able to use Lanczos 4 taps, with Nvidia Cuda as the video decoder for the GT610? Seems to upscale pretty good with 25FPS (@ 50hz) DVD material with AR enabled? I've got chroma on Lanczos 3 taps, not tried 4 taps yet. I'll be honest, i've not really much clue about madvr, but generally good at getting to root causes usually, and reading loads on here (which i have to thank this forum for, madvr from what i do see thus far, is pretty awesome)


I've seen a chart posted by Renethex, and i'm not supposed to be able to accomplish the upscaling with the gt610?


I've ordered a GT650 TI as the GT610 definitely doesn't do Jinc and my curiosity is getting the better of me..
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