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ASUS ML248H 24” LED Monitor Calibration Help plz

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i need help with Calibrating ASUS ML248H 24 LED Monitor which is giving me hell to calibrate, the default display settings are horrible rendering the display useless and unbearable too look at. i know from hours of research on the net that some of the problems lies with the gamma. i spent hours tweaking the setting but aren't up to my standards which by the way ain't high, at-least not by a long shot. really would like some users and expert advice on calibrating this monitor plz... im a noob in need of help ty.


Here are some links that mite help with Calibrating the ASUS ML248H 24 LED Monitor.

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update concerning calibrating and fixing the ghosting effect created by some ASUS monitors Via Service Menu. big thanks 2 CrazyDood69 for putting up a vid on youtube

this fixes will work with some ASUS Monitor like the VS248H, VE248H, ML248H and most likely many more who knows.

Thanks to some great people who posted about my other video, apparently there is something called Overdrive on many Asus monitors. This seems to cause issues using *some* video cards in the form of ghosting, which Overdrive is suppose to help reduce. This fix may work on other Asus monitors as well.

If you don't have a ghosting problem when scrolling windows or moving them around, DON'T bother with this fix. You want Overdrive on if you don't have ghosting issues.

1. Power off monitor.

2. Hold down Menu Button + Power for 7 seconds. Then let off for a few seconds and hold down the Menu Button until you see the special/hidden blue menu on the far left of the monitor.

3. Use the normal up/down navigation keys to get to OD, then turn that off and exit the menu.

Service menu code works on the ASUS ML248H

what u will notice is that all touch sensitive buttons will stay on at all times

once u follow CrazyDood69 instructions

u can go in 2 the SERVICE MENU over n over without using the service code CrazyDood69 provide as long as u don't power down the monitor which will reset the service code. P.S. thank you CrazyDood69 ur life saver.

One more thing, there is no GHOSTING when playing games regardless of OD on or off on the ASUS ML248H but ghosting when browsing and everything else.

forgot 2 mention that if ur connected via DVI cable the power button will flash continuously after u enter the code and the screen will switch 2 VGA. this indicates that ur in SERVICE MENU MODE now PRESS the button next 2 the power button which is the INPUT SOURCE button "VGA/HDMI" once u switch the source back all touch sensitive buttons will stay on. sry for the mix up i mite need 2 make a video.

Now getting back 2 calibrating the display via Service menu, i will need a tech or someone with the yes n no how's because i ain't messing with it look 2 complexes and headache prone.

i just wanted 2 pass this info on 2 others who will come searching.
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