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Hi Folk,

Have just rebuilt my PC and the last thing to be tested was TV-Out (via NVidia 7 pin minidin not HDMI). I have a S-video lead going to my Panasonic Tau crt TV. A black screen was all I got. Documentation for TV-Out is next to zero.

This setup worked fine with previous cards including a Radeon HD3650.

There's a Component Video breakout cable and I tested the AC volts on these connectors using the modes, composite, s-video and component.

There's a voltage on each connector using Component mode - so it looks like that works (but YPbPr is incompatible with the TV unfortunately). And likewise on the Pb connector using Composite. But not with S-video - nothing on the Y and Pr pins which is where you'd expect output.

It says in the spec that S-video is supported, but I can't make it work.

I made a cable for Composite - and actually it is pretty nice so it'll do for now.

I tried emailing Asus but they close the support tickets without replying.

I somehow doubt whether this is a problem with my card specifically and more a problem with all of this Asus model.

Anyone know anything about S-video on GT 200 cards with the old-style analog connector? (I know they will soon all be HDMI).
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