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I recently completed a build using the P5N7A-VM board and all is well except for disappearing HDMI sound. I have my HTPC connected directly to my 42" Sharp LCD display via a Monoprice HDMI cable. In Vista control panel I set the HDMI device as the default sound device. So, the problem is most of the time the sound will not work and in the control panel it will show device unplugged below the HDMI sound device. The only way I can get the sound to come back is to shutdown the HTPC, unplug the power supply, let it sit for few minutes, and then start the HTPC. If I follow this procedure, the sound works until I shutdown, hibernate, standby, or restart the HTPC. Again, I never lose the video just the audio. I am getting around this problem by connecting the HTPC to the TV via RCA plugs, but I would like to get to the root of this problem.

Any clues?
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