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Hi guys,

First time poster. I searched around but I couldn't find anything on my issue:


I purchased the ASUS VG23A monitor just over a year ago and I've been enjoying it thoroughly. In the past 4 months or so I have noticed that any static image, especially contrast'y / strong lined images, burns into the monitor.

The most notable situations have been as follows:

when using Photoshop for an extended amount of time. After going to full screen the menu's are clearly burnt in.

when playing a game that has a bright, lime green line in the menu. Once in-game the line is still severely burnt in.

My question: is this normal for 3D displays, specifically this model? It has a 3-year warranty. I am connecting with a Sapphire AMD card (Sapphire 9270X 2GB) using the HDMI cable supplied with the monitor.
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