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Asymetrical Ceiling lighting ISSUE

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HI All,

I am a first time theater DIY selfer, school teacher and movie prop guy. After months of research here I started my build and already ran into my first bunch of problems. I was planning to have LED Cove uplighting on three walls (all except the far screen wall). With a 13" soffit to encase ductwork on paper it looked great and was planning the cove molding down about 8" so to house colored LEDs and an LED UV strip for a solar system mural to be painted on the ceiling.

The problems:

1. The left wall duct soffit extends 33" from the wall and down 13", now that it is built if I extend down and out from the opposite wall it significantly shrinks the ceiling+room. Any suggestions in lieu of symmetry for the right wall???? FYI the bump-out on the right side comes down 11". That green tape line along the back of the theater is roughly 13" down.

2. Similar question in regard to the soffit frame to go across the back of the theater (green tape). On paper it looked great, now it shrinks the room. Any advise?

thanks guys for your time


other pics: http://s31.photobucket.com/user/monkey5150/library/Hive%20of%20Villainy%20%20%20Basement%20theater%20Progress/soffit%20and%20cove%202-18?sort=3&page=1

Objective: To design Scifi home theater/prop room

Future "Hive of Villainy" Room stats:

* plans: https://drive.google.com/?urp=http://www.google.com/url?sa%3Dt%26rct%3Dj%26q%3D%26esrc%3Ds%26sou&authuser=0#my-drive

*13' wide 20' long (up to the green tape line soffit line)

* 7.5' ceiling

* 6 recessed lights

*Game room behind the theater is 13'x22'.

*Optoma DW339 16:9 Projector, 15 feet from the screen

*110" pull down screen to be displayed on far wall placed 12" away with black curtains to hide pocket door

*1st row seating @ 15'

*2nd row risers @ 20'

*Dolby 7.1
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I'm not confident I see the problem well enough, but I understand that if you make matching soffits on both sides of the room ten the soffits will combine to eat up nearly half of the ceiling.

What I expect is that there are two ducts running down one side of the room. Could one be rerouted to fit in the soffit on the other side?
Are you building a riser for your second row? My concern would be ceiling height. 7.5' ceiling minus 13" does not leave you much room above your head. I want to say there is also code for ceiling height and if your ceiling in an area is not atleast a certian height you technically can not count it as sq ft of the house.

If you riser falls under a sofit then you will really be hitting your head.

I'm not sure I have a suggestion for you, you look like you are pretty far along on your project.

Can you post your layout plans so we can get a good idea of what you are thinking? Some (like me) can't access your plans.
I would go asymmetrical and make it a feature of your sci-fi inspired home theater. I'm thinking power conduit or something.
Why not rebuild the existing soffit and use 3/4" plywood? You'd shrink the soffit 2.25" inches width-wise and

there might be an inch of height savings.

You also need to watch where the projector falls so it isn't competing for headroom. The riser and how many seats you want,

will give you the answer to your design dilemma.
Thanks guys for looking,

HFred: Ductwork does only go down the left side of the room. Unfortuanrly my garage slab is to its left which prevents me from rerouting the ductwork .

bdbrent: You are correct, our code is 6'8" (if there is no beam or ducks) so extending a soffit across the back is gonna be tight. I was thinking if I only dropdown the back soffit 9" and push it back three feet I would have more head room for second row of risers. I will try to figure out the google doc issue

Oman: I think that is the way I have to go. I saw a post in which another theater had a black ceiling and soffit on one side and simply painted the drop down on the other side of the theater, the "unsofftited" wall if you will. I would like to run cove lights so cant do fake pipes/conduits.

thanks to who ever posted this theater to help me:
http://s31.photobucket.com/user/mon...theaters for reference/3_zps3458b754.jpg.html

tedd: the ply wood might be a possibility!!! My projector should be coming in this weekend so I can check for it's optimal placement, I think right now calculations place it 15' back. For seating I have configured, three seats per row as it is only 13' across.

thanks guys for all your help, keep it coming. I have some food for thought

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The framing is all done here is how it turned out. When sitting in the theater area the asymmetry isn't bad at all, I am really happy with the soffits after all. Up next the electrical. Thanks again for all of the help and keep the advice coming. Tedd thanks for all of your help .

http://s31.photobucket.com/user/mon...Theater Soffits/IMG_0071_zps54c9b366.jpg.html

http://s31.photobucket.com/user/mon...Theater Soffits/IMG_0074_zps76ccec18.jpg.html
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