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I have a friend who has recently replicated my own setup - except he is currently finishing the building of his dedicated HT.

He loves the sound of my Martin Logan speaker setup. The trouble is, as anyone who knows electrostatics knows that the placement of these speakers is absolutely vital.

Ideally, my friend wants to have an AT screen 'scope screen. If he does, his electrostatics will need to stand behind the screen. This is less than ideal (they really need to be 'inside' the room).

My possible solution was to advise getting a curved screen and placing his speakers, towed in - at the far edges of the screen - consistent with the curve. I also thought he might be able to have the screen's mounting wall 'open' and use AT material to replace as much of the drywall as possible.

This would mean the electrostatics would be 'inside' the room- acoustically, but still remain hidden visually.

For centres, he will probably go an array of ML centres like my ML "Cinemas"

I'm going to be faced with the same problem eventually as I'm going to be building a new house with a new HT and I'd like to iron out as many issues on my willing friend's setup

If anyone has faced this issue, I'd love to hear how you solved it, or if you have any ideas on how to tackle such a conundrum
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