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I am trying to make some final decisions on my home theater

- Den ~ 17 ½' x 17 ½' that opens in the back to flow to a breakfast nook and then to the kitchen, partially light controlled with Plantation Shutters

- Seating ~ 10'-12' from screen (recliner and sofa)

- Projector ~ 12'-13' from screen (ceiling mount)

- TV, above fireplace mantle ~ 60 from floor

- Center Channel, below fireplace mantle ~ 48 from floor

Here are a few pictures that might help:

Screen - (needs to be retractable, probable motorized due to den configuration)

Should I go with an Acoustically Transparent screen since center channel speaker is relatively high?

It seems to be acceptable height for listening, but bottom edge of screen would have to be ~ 50 from floor which seems too high for line of sight and neck strain. I would like to go with a 100 - 120 screen size. I am considering a Seymour Center Stage XD screen; however the cost of the screen is considerably more than the projector. Currently I have a cheap Panoview 82 screen that came free with my Optoma DV10 projector so, it may have to do for a while.

If I go with a Non-AT screen, my choices are much wider and it sounds like I could get an acceptable screen at a much lower cost.

Any suggestions/experience with mounting a screen to overcome these issues?

Another possibility would be to turn the setup 90 degrees and set up screen/TV on flat wall that has windows to the back of the viewing area.

I have purchased most of the components for my Home Theater:


Pioneer SC-27



o ThreeC Center Channel Speaker

o Classic Three Bookshelf Speaker (L-R)

o iC3 In-Ceiling Speaker (Surround)

o B-12d 350 W Powered Sub-woofer


Epson 8350

Blu-Ray Player:

Pioneer BD-85 (Probably - plan to buy)


Panasonic P50G25 50 Plasma HDTV (Probably - plan to buy)

Also, let me know if you have worked with anyone in Dallas that you would recommend.



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I haven't even mounted my screen and I still wish I would have gotten an AT screen already. In my configuration I really would have loved to be able to place the center and front channels behind the screen. As it is not, I had to settle with under the screen a angled ("toed"?) upwards towards ear level of my couch. A foot higher would have been ideal... but there's a non-AT screen in the way... :shrug:

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That's something I'm mulling over too. From what I've read about AT seating distance is a critical factor. You don't want to see the weave of an AT screen. 10 -12' sounds boarderline. Best to get a sample and make sure you can't see the weave from that distance.

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The advantage in audio far outweighs any slight loss in video. The better AT screens you can sit pretty close without seeing texture. The seymour /Screen Excellence 4K shows the least weave/ perforations of any I have seen. It is pricier than most of the others and getting a sample of the ones you are interested in is highly recommended.
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