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Athena AS-F2.2 for 50.00 Canadian

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the Futureshop website shows them sold out at the price for 50.00 Canadian, I'm nost sure if that's each of per pair

I've always wanted to try out a 5.0 system with 5 full range towers so just for kicks I thought I'd call the store near me, the manager relayed to me that the stores our seperate from the website but historically, such fire sales often mean an abundance of stock, some of which gets returned back to the stores for various reasons

he said to keep checking the clearance section on the website for the next few weeks as well as drop by some stores on a regular basis as there may be some floating around
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oh man i nearly creamed my pants, all sold out tho.
Your're not likely to find these any longer. Yes the price is great but FS not "really" selling at that price when they don't have any . I was happy to buy my F2.2's when they were $400 . Still think I stole them every time they are used.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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