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Athena AS-P6000 or HSU STF-1

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I am putting together my first real system in a long time and am looking for the best "bang for buck" components. This is my system so far:

Onkyo TX-SR603X

Oppo 970HD

2 - Athena AS-F1.2 towers

I will probably be adding the matching Athena center and the Bi-Pole rears as well but I want to first purchase a good subwoofer.

I am looking at the HSU STF-1 or the Athena AS-P6000. If anyone has experience with either of these subs, please let me know. I can buy the Athena on sale for $300 and the HSU for $249. I really wanted to keep the cost under $300 so I did not want to stretch to the STF-2 unless it will really be worth it. The Athena looked like a good deal because of the 12 inch woofer. Will the 8 inch woofer 150 amp on the HSU keep up with the 12 inch 200 amp on the Athena?

My room is fairly small at 11 x 14 feet so the power on either unit should not be a problem. I just want good clean bass.
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Oh, I forgot, am also looking at the BIC Acoustech H-100. I can buy on sale for $200.
If your listening is mostly music then the STF-1 would be a great choice but for a mix 50/50 or mostly HT imo the h-100 would be the way to go. Both the Athena and Bic will give you lower extension for HT effects and are very comparable spec wise, the H-100 is the better value though.

After more research, I decided to go with the H-100 and after looking at the rest of the BIC line, I am wondering if I made the right decision to go with Athena. The Acoustech HT-75 and entire Acoustech line looks sweet.
Don't fret your decision on the Athena line. Your proposed system will be an outstanding home theatre system. As for the AS-6000 my experience has been all positive. It matches my Athena Point 5 setup perfectly and packs one heck of a clean wallup. Have fun.
I wouldn't skimp on the the Subwoofer. For the 50% movies you will be watching the impact from a good subwoofer can make an average system a very very good system.

The Rocket X-Type would be a very very high quality sub for you for only $199, probably my #1 choice based upon reviews by some very knowledgeable people on here, and it is just $199. Hard to beat that bang for the buck!!


The HSU STF-2 for a little more at $319, more sub, and more money...

Both of these would give you strong, yet accurate bass response which would be very good for your room size and for your listening habits.

Hope this helped! Good luck
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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