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Athena b1/c1 vs. Infinity Primus 150/c25

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I'm one of many who recently purchased the Onkyo 780 and am a little disappointed with the speakers. After doing some research (primarily on this forum) I'm debating between the following upgrades for the 2 front speakers and center.

2 - Athena B1's $100

Athena C1 $100


2 - Infinity Primus 150s $120

1 - Infinity c25 $100

I already have a Velodyne ct-80 sub and figure I can upgrade the surrounds at a later date. Any advice?
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i've never heard the infinity's, so i can't comment there, but they're surely better than the onks. i switched out my 780 speakers for a pair of athena B1's and a C1, and the difference was clear and signifcant.

try selling your onkyo speakers via ebay or CL, you'd be surprised what you can get. .. i've made most of my money back.
where did you find the Infinity C25 for $100?
Vanns.com has it for that price.
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