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Athena - Center or No Center - Limited Budget

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I have been lurking here for a while trying to gain as much info as possible before diving into the HT market.

After much reading, I have decided that the Athena Audition Series is likely best for me (I have not auditioned the speakers yet though)

I am on a limited budget for HT (around $1000). I am interested in using the F2.2's for mains, and I havent decided on a reciever yet.

My question is this: given my limited budget, I was thinking of only purchasing the 2 F2.2's and using them as my home theatre for a while intil I can afford to finish it off as a 5.1 setup.

How will the F2.2's perform as a HT by themselves, will this still sound good for now? Will adding the centre speaker make a big difference to the quality of the setup until i can afford to get the rears?

P.S : my room is a 16 X 16 living room in an open floor plan (kitchen and living room are not separated by walls). The living room is also open to above, so it is twice as tall as a normal room.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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In the long run, adding speakers will enhance your movie experience, but for now there is nothing at all wrong with good old 2.0. I used 2 speakers for years for both movies and music and it was great. (Those F2.2's are great speakers, I am sure you will enjoy them.)
You're taking the right approach. Get the best speaker you can now for a 2.0 or 2.1 set and add to them later rather than purchasing a 5.1 setup you can afford now and not being happy with it in the end.

Using a "phantom center" right now will widen your center soundstage to the L and R. It will sound good but not optimal. As a temporary resolution to your long term goal though, this is the way to go if you can't afford the center at this time. The F2.2 is a great choice and you're not going to miss the center. When you do add it down the road it will just add to the eye opening experience.
Thanks for the comments everyone

I origionally had an HTIB in mind, but this forum quickly made me realize that I would be very disappointed with the performance, especially with the size of my living room.

It is nice to get some good feedback on my current and future setup plans. I will purchase the 2 F2.2's for now, and upgrade later!!

Any recommendations on the reciever. I head HK is quite good with the Athena's. There are a number of HK's at my local Future Shop, more specifically, the AVR 135, AVR 140, AVR 240, AVR 340. These units Range in price from about $300 - $1000, but i'm not really sure of the difference between upper and lower end models. or should I go with another brand possibly??
Athena speakers are designed to be driven with relatively modest receivers, and it doesn't make sense to spend more on the electronics than the speakers in any event. The entry-level HK would be good. I also like Onkyo and Yamaha with Athenas.
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