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Athena LS 500 or PSB Alpha T1

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Audio Advisor has the Athena LS 500 for $300 a pair. Does anyone have any opinion about how they would sound as the main speakers for a new Panasonic 50" plasma? If i get these, I can also afford a subwoofer. My alternative is to get the PSB Alpha T1 without subwoofer.
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What does the brand and size of your TV have to do with sound?
Not much I guess. I could have said that I just got a new tv, and I'd like to get some speakers to go with it.
Don't know the Athenas, but the Alpha's sound great for their price, and do a good work for HT and music. There are many reviews for the Alpha's, but not for the Athenas, which tells me they are not very popular, as other Athenas.

Yes, there might be better choices out there, but you can never go wrong with PSB.

Also, if you want something better there are sales for PSB Image 4T, 5T, and T45, for around what a pair of Alpha T1' s cost. Check www.upscaleaudio.com and www.saturdayaudio.com
How about looking at the Infinity beta 40 or 50? I am trying to decide between them and the Athena LS 500. Infinity's are a little more but have read some good things about them as the previous post states I can't find much info on the Athena's.
Any pro review you see points to the fact that the Alpha is one of the best speaker series out there in their price range.
The LS are not IMO as good as the Athena Audition series. I know the LS are using similar driver as the Energy C's but the Athenas are lacking the dynamics and imaging of the C's and I didn't care for them.
I would also look at the polk Rti8's if you can find them, try www.frys.com

Regards, Billy P
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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