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Hi There:

I just installed a new video card (ATI HD 4650) to hopefully get BD up and running on my HTPC. I have the card installed but I find that at the ATI site, the catalyst driver for xp/radeon/4650 is unavailable and I get "No results found 38750". I installed a different version of Catalyst 8.12 for the 4870 card, but perhaps I need the precise Catalyst version for the 4650. I'm amazed the driver is 'unavailable' at the ATI site.

Anyways, BD still does not work - I get staggered image/sound, and BD Advisor recognizes the card as HD 4650 but has a grey status for it (suggesting I need a new graphics card) and the driver it has as red (suggesting I need a new driver). Driver version I have is 8.561.0.0 and seems to be the most recent one.

Rest of machine is AMD Athlon Dual Core 3800+, 2gig memory, LiteOn BD Drive, PowerDVD 7 (latest patch) and AnyDVD HD.

Any advice welcome. thanks!

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