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HI ya'll!

I have a question. I have an ATI 650 pci card that freezes up the whole computer and I have to restart to get the computer to work again. This is a fresh reload of xp, sp2. I have a 160g hd, and 2g ddr2 ram. I have all the drivers and updates, and I have all the updates for my motherboard. Here is my question: Even if my motherboard has integrated video described as "Leveraging an advanced shared memory architecture, the VIA P4M800 Pro utilizes the VIA UniChrome Pro Integrated Graphics Processor (IGP) ensuring optimal performance for all multimedia, entertainment, and productivity applications. With an internal data flow equivalent to the latest AGP 8X graphics cards, a 200MHz 2D/3D graphics engine features dedicated 128-bit data paths for pixel data flow and texture/command access. The VIA UniChrome Pro IGP graphics core also features the Chromotion CE Video Display Engine, raising the bar for digital entertainment support on PC systems. The P4M800 Pro is able to deliver the Hi-Def experience via a comprehensive range of display devices, supporting outputs to CRT, LCD, standard definition TV and HDTV up to 1080p resolution*.

The Chromotion CE Video Display Engine employs a multi-faceted approach to displaying multimedia content, implementing a number of advanced tools at every stage of video processing. These include integrated MPEG-2 decoding, for flawless digital video playback with ultra-low CPU-utilization, and advanced rendering tools such as Adaptive De-Interlacing and Video Deblocking, which ensure clearer playback of digital content on all display devices."

Do I still need a video card? If I do, why? If I don't, then what is wrong? The card (ATI) is new.
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