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ATI 9700 Pro setup help

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I have installed the 3.9 drivers and when I tell it to setup to TV, it only shows the wallpaper, no icons or nay apps when I run them. What do I need to do here?


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Try Catalyst versions 4.8 and up.


I tried 5.1 cats and still no luck.
Try to "clone" the primary and secondary display with Catalyst. On my 9800 I believe the 15 pin VGA is the primary and the DVI dongle the secondary. That's the way mine works at the moment.
Right now I'm extending desktop to other TV ( my PJ). How do you clone?
I'm on my old machine right now, but I'll try to explain from memory.

In catalyst I believe one of the top tabs will show the video page memory (box) with a blue screen outline and the number 1 for monitor one and 2 if using two monitors. Beside that is a gray outline of one or two monitors. On the gray ones "right mouse" click and a dialog box for clone, extend, and some other stuff appears.

Sorry If all sounds confusing.
If you are extending your desktop you have no icons/programs because they are all up (to the left) on your primary display, You could drag them to the right to the extended portion of the desktop and you should be able to see them.

But yes you need to set it up for clone if you want 2 identical versions of your desktop on both.
It seems the deskop is there. I can move icons and apps I see them. My pj is 800 x 600. When I set my monitor to that at the secondary display to 800x600 it's still too big.

My clone options are grayed out. I am coming out from the svideo to the pj.
Ok, I found it.

Gee, you have to turn off extended, re-boot then set it up in ovelray/clone.

Thanks for all your help. I'm an idiot.
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