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The short and skinny is, I am able to capture .ts HD files from my cable provider. Until now, I used PowerDVD for playback, but I found TheaterTek, and I am almost convinced this is the best player out there. I do however, need some advice.

I have spent more hours than I care to mention researching software, including ffdshow, various software players, 3:2 pulldown, video cards, stutter etc...My setup is a laptop with a Core 2 Duo 2Ghz, 1gig RAM, ATI Mobility X1600 connected to my 50" Samsung DLP TV running at 60Hz. Changing the refresh rate is not an option for me. PQ is amazing, sound is incredible via SPDIF to my DD receiver. Now, on to my observations and questions...

When playing back .ts files that are encoded as 24fps (Showtime for example) I get a very slight amount of stutter. HDNet movies are all encoded at 29.97fps, and I notice no stutter at all. It is really not that bad, so I spent a bunch of time changing all possible settings within TT, and none made any real difference. I was able to get ffdshow enabled, but discovered that it does not work with 1080i material. I was hoping some post processing might aid in eliminating stutter. In the ATI catalyst contol center, I have checked and unchecked 3:2 pulldown detection, but this makes no difference. I have the latest ATI drivers installed.

My DVHS player, and my DVR, display no stutter. What do they employ that TT and my ATI card can not quite perfect? The strange thing is PowerDVD displays a compeltely smooth picture, with no stutter. However, it locks up with 7.1 Ultra (I use this to play HD-DVD with the X-box add-on). It displays incorrect time for some .ts files, and it lacks all the wonderful features of TT.

Are there other post processing solutions besides ffdshow? I need one that will handle .ts files in 1080i. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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