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ATI Cat 5.13 DVI problems

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My PC is connected via DVI to a Samsung DLP. After about an hour of inactivity it loses the DVI signal and it doesn't come back. Power settings for the monitor are set to never turn off. With older ATI drivers I was able to assign a hotkey to "refresh" the current display settings - and the picture would come back. Now, with the 5.13 drivers and the Catalyst Control Center, I can't get this to work. Does anyone have any creative solutions to this problem? What is it about DVI to TV that causes the dropout?


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The drivers are just buggy. Catalyst 5.6 behaves correctly. Anything newer, if the EDID info goes away, the DVI port is shutdown and the card does not reenable when display comes back on line.

Either change the resultion using hotkey to change res (which I think you are saying doesn't work anymore), backout drivers to 5.6, or purchase DVI detective. On the side, please lodge your complaint with ATI until they fix the problem.
Or you could just give up on ATI and get an Nvidia card. ;)
I have 5 ATI cards capable of displaying my HD material. I have one nVidia card (6600GT). Guess which one is in my HTPC. Yep, the 6600GT because this DVI blackout bug on the ATI drivers just drives me nuts. I'm in the process of selling my ATI cards so I can get another nVidia card, probably a 7800GTX.
Wow! I had no idea this was specific to ATI. I will surely email them with a complaint. The only reason I bought an ATI card was because it was fanless. Looks like I might be buying a fanless nVidia card tomorrow.
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