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I have a LG 55LH90 tv connected to an onboard Radeon running win7 x64. The tv is capable of 120hz refresh rate but is set to at 60hz by windows.

When I watch a movie at 60hz(mkv through MPC-HC) the movie looks great but I wonder if it can look better if I eliminate 3:2 pulldown by setting the refresh rate to 120hz.

1)I cannot set the refresh rate to 120hz and not sure why, ATI display properties only show upto 60 hz

2)I set the refresh rate to 24 hz and played a movie, it did not look better....I would think it would.

3)The output range is set 0-255 in MPC-HC and it looks great, same as watching the movie in powerdvd. If I switch to 16-235 I get brighter blacks, so the question is whether on 0-255 my blacks are getting crushed and I do not notice so it seems like it looks better to me or for my tv the setting should be 0-255?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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