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I just put together a new HTPC to make it HD capable. What's new is the

* Vista 64

* ATI Radeon HD 3200

I always had my AX-100 working perfectly on Windows XP Pro at 1280x720 60p Hz

Now the ATI control panel reports

* Maximum reported resolution=1920x1080

* Maximum reported refresh rate=30Hz (!!!)

The 30Hz (which BTW is interlaced when I check the Monitor Settings) prevents me to set the native resolution [email protected]

I tried Powerstrip and a few other things, but don't seem to able to change this to 60Hz progressive.

Thanks, Thomas

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In Catalyst Control Center (I'm assuming you have the latest Catalyst drivers installed) under your display device there should be an option called HDTV Support. In this section, check the resolutions you want to add as supported resolutions and click apply at the bottom. Then under Displays Manager/Display Properties you can force a resolution and refresh rate.

Hope this helps.
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