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ATI to HDTV via DVI sucks - anyway to connect x300 to HDTV?

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Hi all,

I'm really pissed. I just got a x300. I'm trying to connect it via DVI to a Sony 34" HDTV. I get nothing but trouble: Always boots to 640x480, need to force it to 1280x720 - I can never get it work by using standard resolutions settings and when I minimize MCE, the screen becomes a little thing in the middle of the TV screen with big black borders around it (if you know what I mean). This card sucks - I assume all ATIs are like this?

I have always used Nvidia (using a 6600GT and 5700LE in my other rigs) and Nvidia drivers have no trouble at all with DVI to HDTV connection.

Is the only solution to use Powerstrip or am I missing something?

Please help me before I send it back (I'm trying it becuase I need a low profile PCI-e video card).

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why not just dump a 6600 or 6200 PCIe in there

nvidia's driver support for dVI works very well with the 67.66 drivers
I need a low profile card. The LP 6200 by chaintech isn't out yet...
ATI's supprt for DVI out is improving in the new Catalyst drivers but it still lags behind Nvdia in some respects. The fact that your resolution keeps getting reset to 640 x 480 is not normal. I would uninstall your existing drivers using the control panel uninstall, reboot and install the latest Catalyst release and make sure you have directx9 installed first. Enable the advanced setting in the Catalyst control center and enable all resolutions, not just the ones that ATI thinks your monitor supports. Even so, Powerstip will probably be necessary to get the ideal output for your display without over/underscan.

the x300 specs state
*16:9 aspect ratio monitors are supported on 1920x1080 and 848x480 on Windows® XP, and Windows® 2000. The complete list of resolutions depends on the driver version and operating system. NOTE: resolutions are limited by the performance of the attached monitor.
Find out exactly what input resolutions and refresh timings you Tv will support by installing the Monitor asset manager utility from Entech (powerstip) website. This will list recommended output resolutions and powerstrip settings for you. using an unrecommended setting can potentially damage your display to start conservatively.
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My 9800XT is connected via dvi=>component adapter from ATI and looks wonderful.
Hmm. Maybe it's the TV? Anyway, I installed powerstrip and used a custom reolution and it seems to be fine now. Still I shouldn't have to use powerstrip. I'll do some more poking around and see what I find.
Most analog TV's will require a custom resolution. The "standards" on which "TV" is based are not as standard as one would think. This is normal.

The fact that your resolution keeps being reset is probably due to your TV being detected as a "default monitor". Your OS has no idea what resolutions it can support so it drops back to the default. There is a mitsubishi monitor driver that I use that fixes this problem. Not sure if there is one for Sony or not.

The only way I can get this working via DVI is by creating a custom monitor .inf file from PowerStrip and then adding the custom resolution in powerstrip (something like 1200x666 for 1280x720). Then it works. But with Nvidia, It automatically works, no powerstrip needed.

BTW, I spoke with ATI tech support and they say the 7 pin component out video cable works with the x300. Ordered one and we'll see.
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