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Hi Folks,

I have a front stage of Atlantic Technology 4200e (L/R/C) which I was running off a Parasound 5 channel amp. (150w x 5) The amp recently died and is beyond repair. I am now running them off my Onkyo TX-SR707 A/V receiver. Needless to say they are not nearly as dynamic sounding as they were before and sound very blah when watching movies/tv. I also have to crank up the Onkyo much higher now to receive the same sound levels as before.

Question: I am getting a killer deal on two lightly used Behringer EP1500 amps. ($100ea) Will there be any issues running my front stage off of these? I think they are around 260W per channel at 8ohm with both channels driven. Is there such a thing as too much power? Is anyone running their fronts with pro amps and if so any issues? Will the extra power cause any damage to my speakers?

Thanks for your help!
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