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Atlantic Technology FS-7.0 Soundbar and SB-800 Sub?

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Anyone have any experience or thoughts on the Atlantic Technology FS-7.0 Soundbar and SB-800 Sub? They recently got a great review at Home Theater Mag and seem to be a reasonable compromise for rooms not configured ideally for separate speaker surround sound.

Here is the HT Review:

Our Panasonic TC-P65V10 is in a 19x24 open area great room with vaulted ceiling, a full window wall and hardwood floors. Not excited about running separate speakers either outside or inside the walls without a reasonable expectation of getting true surround sound. This Atlantic system seems like it might be a good compromise, especially since neither of us are true audiophiles. We do want to get crisp intelligible voice and reasonable surround effect with good bass and rumble effect for our movie watching.

This is supposedly the first 7.1 system in a soundbar that delivers believable surround simulation. Any input on this system or suggestions for other sound solutions is appreciated!

This pic will give you an idea of our room challenges for sound:
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That AT looks interesting, I have zero experience with it, but why not just go for a nice pair of tower speakers for ~$1k? You’d get bigger woofers that could push more air in that big room, they’d sound better for music, and I think a pair of tower speakers would look a whole lot more elegant and fit/suit that space better than a bar/subwoofer. Just my opinion though…

If it's "surround sound" you're after I'm not so sure that room would even allow a faux soundbar surround effect, who knows though....however, the review you linked kind of suggested that if you read between the lines.

I like my surround system, I think it’s the bees knees for some movies, but many times I wonder why I even have it at all. The surround effect from TV is almost useless and if it’s not a high energy action movie the surround effect is often minimal...or subtle. Again, just my opinion, but in that situation I think I’d go for 2-channel performance over some novel soundbar that may only have a slight surround effect in such a large room.
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