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ATMOS soundbar in odd shaped room worth it?

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Hey folks, I love the idea of having ATMOS sound in my living room, but the room certainly doesn't lend itself towards an ATMOS setup according to the recommendations. The only viable option I have in this room is a soundbar.

The room is about 20 feet long and 40 foot deep. The left half of the room has a ceiling that slopes upward from left to right at a roughly 30 degree angle. The right half of the room has a higher ceiling with the same degree slope in the opposite direction. The TV is centered above a fireplace in the left half of the room. The right half of the room has a 12 foot sliding door on the same wall as the TV. The right wall perpendicular to the TV has an 8 foot sliding glass door. And finally, the left perpendicular wall has 2 4'W x 5'H windows.

I've attached a simple line drawing of the room to help explain the above.

So long story short. Is spending the money on an Atmos soundbar an absolutely silly proposition in this space? Am I going to see any benefits of Atmos at all or am I just throwing money at nothing? Even worse, is an Atmos setup in this space actually going to cause more issues with the sound that will drive me crazy?

Thoughts and opinions welcome.

Thanks in advance.


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I wouldn’t do a sound bar unless it was on the window side of the room.

My living room ceiling slopes up from the sound bar location, and the audio sounds great.

The Atmos setup recommendations aren’t as strict as they appear. But I expect it would be pretty difficult to compensate for side-side ceiling slope compared to front-back.

How about short throw projector and a drop down screen on the window wall?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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