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Atom Films Hi def....WM9 hi def in action?

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Anybody using this yet? I downloaded the Maven player and took a look see. Great idea but 3 issues right off the bat....

- Aspect Ratio on the films doesn't seem to be adjustable via the player. On my 1800 X 960i resolution the video plays in the center of the screen letterboxed.

-Did something to my M-Audio sound card where no sound comes out via Coax SPDIF...hmm.....

-Video looks good but no where near the quality of the T2 WM9 that I have or even the BMW films.

Oh well...at least the effort is there!

Here is a link to the site if you haven't seen it...
Atom Films Hi def
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The current Aatom films are not realy HD. They use this term relative to standardd videos on the web which are typically quarter VGA. The resolution is at or near DVD I believe.

However, they do plan to have real HD films in the near future. So hang in there for a while....


Great news Amir! Thanks for the heads up on the upcoming content.

I also signed up for the additional MS content. Will that be HD resolution?


The press release mentions "the option to receive two films each month that are viewable at almost three times the resolution of DVD video: Windows Media High-Definition Video (WMV HD) at 720p resolution."
FYI - you can get other services at pretty high resolutions too. Check out the movie trailer channel at www.tvtonic.com.

(Disclosure, I work for the company)
Just got my notice from AtomFilms announcing their 720p films (2 a month). Woo-hoo!
I just signed up and you do get 2 WMVHD films. They are the last 2 to download. One is 7 min.s long and the other a little over 3 min.'s. 720pHD, looks pretty nice. The other one's are alright.
Microsoft presents HD video.

Great i request the extra content fom atom and it tells my my processor is too slow.

I have a Barton OCed but it shows up at 2.1 GHZ.

Burns the tail off of a PIV at 2.4GHZ.

Wintel conspiricy. (heh and im a Softy, MCSE and work at an MS seeded organization).

Seriously though they should allow for a user requested override.
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Relampago-> I agree.

Is there anyway to fool the CPU speed tester, by changing some things in the registry?
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