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Atrocious -- new found-footage Spanish horror

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In April 4th of 2010, Quintanilla family was found murdered in their country side house. Police reported the existence of 37 hours of recorded evidence. "Atrocious" shows the real images of such evidence. Quintanilla family traveled to their old farm house in Sitges, where Christian and July investigated about the Legend of the Girl in the Garraf woods. Both of them used to record all day whatever they did. On the fifth day of their arrival they were found dead under strange circumstances. ATROCIOUS shows the last five days of life for Cristian Quintanilla and his siblings. It also shows the strange situations that they lived in those moments and which remain unexplained.

Early review says this looks promising:


It's a short film, and Luna gets more right here than he gets wrong, but the running time highlights the weaknesses even more than usual. But when it's scary, it's scary.
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I'm really excited about Atrocious. Great trailer and the early reviews are good. I think it's playing at Fright Fest this week here in the UK, then coming out on DVD soon after. Will definitely be checking this out when it hits DVD!
From watching the trailer, this movie could go either way. It has some potential.

I just checked out some reviews on it, and some said it was in the vein of "The Blair Witch Project".

So I don't think I'd be interested, as that flick was never my cup of tea.

(I see that IMDb gives it a whopping 5.2 out of 10.)
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