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I recently bought an 82" Mitsubishi DLP tv and I have it hooked up to ATT U-Verse. When I turned everything on at first, the ATT U-verse remote would control the volume but not turn the tv on and off. I tried programming the remote with the Mitsubishi codes by pressing tv and ok for 3 seconds, it blinks twice, enter the codes, then the tv mode button should blink 3 times for a correct entry but I went through all the codes and none of them worked. I only got 1 solid blink instead of 3.

Now the volume doesn't work between the ATT U-verse remote and the tv. Then I tried using the 955 code to program the volume to work on the tv and it does the same thing.

I don't have a receiver or surround sound yet. The TV's remote volume works and is maxed out all the way and the tv is barely at a sound level to be able to watch tv and hear whats going on.

I reset the Att Uverse box and it didn't help either.

Can anybody help me out with this.


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