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I am now member number one of the new Pioneer HDTV Members Group. I've been a part of both the Sony and Philips yahoo groups for the last months and have seen the the type of immediate and comprehensive support that has been offered by this type of owners group...

So, now that I have a Pioneer 643HD5 on the way, I knew I'd want, and you may too, the kind of kindred support that us Pioneer owners can get with this kind of direct support. I also intend on offering the same kind of file support that is offered for Mitsu, Sony, Philips, and Hitachi owners with regard to owners manuals, tweaks, service manuals and other ISF type recommendations.

Keep in mind that this email type can never supplant the type of support we have always received here on this forum.

Nonetheless, you can join us Pioneer HDTV owners here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pioneer_hdtv

Thanks for reading this message... and if you have a question, please join us.

Take Care,

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