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Hey kids, ok i have a 65xbr10w, had it for about 3.5 / 4 months i think.....i avia'd it from the get go but haven't

ISFed yet.......but i notice the following glitch....

Uhhhh, first i'll say i fully understand what the

Sony hs10 banding glitch is, that it may or may not

occur on some xbr10w too......i also understand it to

be 'dynamic banding' , that is ,only on some dvd and

in various areas of screen, changing position.

What i have, is a static area of bands, esentially

manifesting themselves as faint, slightly darker

lines, they are extremely faint mind you, spanning the screen horizoantally, basically from the center and upwards

over top 50 to 40 percent of screen. These are static lines

and don't change position like i understand the conventional


They are most noticable on very bright scenes, like a very bright, light sky or basically any monochromatic scene

of bright shades.

A conventional, dynamic action sequence will 'camouflage'

the lines/bands so that you can't notice them.

The dvd 'Pitch Black' with a lot of it's electric white-blue

high contrast opening scenes really exemplifies this on my set.

I actually first thought this was crt-burn, but it's imposssible as i'm very careful and have been from start.

I avia'd from day one to ensure no showroom 'redline' settings.

Boy i would really appreciate anyone checking this out on their set....it coould be any dvd with the type of scene

described. I am only suggesting an anamorphic dvd because

the glitch is most pronounced during 'full' mode on

progressive scan dvd into vid5....damn i guess i should have said that first!

This effect is also apparent on other inputs too which worries me. It has kept me from ISFing until i know what's

going on. It is also one of those glitches that once you see

it, look out! you keep looking for it! Drat! And i can just

see a potential nightmare trying to convince a service guy

there is a problem!

Anyone else see this??

Thx for any responses.


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I checked... I don't see it on mine. Or maybe it's one of those subtle things that you just don't notice...then you finally see it and it just seems worse every time you look at it? (horror of horrors!) Anyway, I put up some grey fields (running up to 100 IRE) and didn't catch it on my 65XBR10W.

HOWEVER... I'm begging other owners to check their set for THIS defect:

As overall picture brightness goes down, shadow areas get "squashed" to black, and each CRT has a different "response," so there is also a false color edge created.

A test pattern which reveals it is the AVIA "black bars with log steps pattern." If you run the user brightness (black level) control through it's range you may actually see the left edges of the lower-level log steps progressively squashed into the black background, creating a sort of “stairstep†edge instead of the straight edge created by what should remain identically-sized grey patches. On my set, the red CRT seems to squash first, so a false cyan edge is also created.

Another pattern which reveals the effect is the AVIA sharpness pattern; specifically the insert box at the upper right of the screen, black with white lines of increasing width. The most narrow white lines shift to cyan then green as average brightness falls. Again, the "real life" viewing implication is that similar picture content content will take on a false cyan or green color cast in what should be white highlights; this phenomena has the effect of destroying shadow detail as well as giving scenes with low overall brightness AND numerous high-contrast vertical transitions an overall false cyan or green color cast.

My white and black levels have been properly set using AVIA.

So, anybody else seeing this?

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Like I promised, I watched my TV set carefully to see if I could notice any picture abnormalities you described. To my relief I didn't observe anything abnormal. You can always find something that could be improved on any TV screen in production. I'm however a kind of person who doesn't look for imperfections when the picture looks fine. I performed focus, convergence and calibration with Avia and display is fine. Seems to me, that problem you observed is related to individual sets, not a wide-spread xbr10w bug. I would suggest a call to the service department. Your set is still on warranty, use it and don't let the service guy convince you that all related models have the same issues and there is nothing that can be done. Good luck!

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Thx Mariusz for taking the time to check it out. Yeh

my first guess was this is an isolated 'oddity'......i am

also a guy who generally just enjoys a great picture and

the 65xbr has been incredible.....it was just pure

happenstance that i noticed these odd lines, now once you

know it's there, it becomes a distraction to some extent.

I will have to completely verify i guess that it's not

some 'ground oddity' or something related to our hookup,

i was dreading taking everything apart and trying to eliminate a possible influence.

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