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It’s been a long time since I’ve written on the board. As you’ll read below, I’m looking for “value” rather than the latest technology – been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

Please recommend an AV Receiver or preferably a Preamp/Processor to replace my recently deceased DSP-A1 I’ve used since 1998 in my HT. So I’m a bit out of the loop on equipment specs.

I’ve replaced a few HD TVs, DVD players, replaced the A1 temporally with a Denon 3806 that that did match or came close to the A1, and other equipment.

Lately, I've used the DSP-A1 with a Samsung Blu Ray to decode the latest Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, so I am looking for an AV Receiver or Pre/Pro with 7.1 inputs. I don’t care about HDMI switching, network capabilities, 3D or other newer technologies – maybe later when economic conditions improve.

I’m leaning toward a Pre/Pro to match a set of 2 Parasound HC1500A amps I already have (I will get additional amp (s) for the other channels)

Budget is $800-1000 for the AV receiver or Pre/Pro. I’ve read on the Yamaha’s Z1 and Z9, so I well educated on these two pieces, however I know very little of Pre/Pros with the exception of brands such as B&K, Rotel, NAD and others.

The rest of the equipment is:

• NHT 2.9 Fronts

• NHT AC2 Center

• NHT 1.5 Rears

• NHT SuperOnes Surrounds

• NTH SuperZeros (if needed for Yamaha “presence”)

• Hsu Sub

• NHT Sub

• Mitsu 73” 835 Series HDTV DLP

• Samsung Blu Ray

• Denon DVD-3910 (as a SACD and DVD-A player, and CD Transport)

• 2 Parasound HC1500A Power Amps

Thanks in advance for reading my post and any input you may offer. BTW – this board was a great resource when I designed and built my HT room and equipment.

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