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ATTN:QWEST/Bellsouth and D* Subs -intergrated billing.

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If you are currently a Directv Subscriber i have Great news:

If you Currently are a Qwest customer or if you order/switch to Qwest

phone service, you now have the option of OPEN ENROLLMENT into intergrated billing...

Great benefits include:

Phone, DSL(broadband internet),Directv Service - all on one bill

Pay Directv at local Qwest payment centers.

Get additional Programming, bundled discounts*.

please call 1-800-531-5000 for more details and information on having you

account intergration set up.

IF you Are a Bellsouth customer and have Directv i have good news as well:

Unfortunately at this time you cannot enroll into intergrated billing, however

you can Still Apply for your Bellsouth/Directv combo Monthly Discount.

Benefits include "free money" a monthly discount that won't expire as long

as you continue both Services*.

call Bellsouth to Enroll.

IF you have DSL with ANY phone company you can enroll into getting a DSL

Subscriber discount. this program discount will be deducted from your monthly

directv Bill. Again Call 1800-531-5000 for additional info*.

*additional terms and conditions may apply.

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