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I've got an ATV2 that I've wanted to have connected by ethernet instead of wi-fi because of the low signal quality causing buffer issues during playback in XBMC of 720p/1080p .264 mkv files, along with horrendous netflix performance.

My house was pre-wired with cat5e to each outlet routed back to a leviton box in the master closet. I purchased the Leviton 47605-c5b Cat5e Voice and Data module along with cat5e wall plugs (they were regular phone prior) and hoped it would work.

After some trial and error I've reached a point that I am unable to figure out where to go from next. The outlets are wired T568A per the instructions, and are located in my office and living room. The only outlet I currently need connected is the living room, so I figured I could use the existing line run from the office to connect the router to the data panel, then from the data panel to the living room to connect the ATV2. I got ahead of myself during the installation of the outlets and originally wired them T568B but the LAN port on the router wouldn't light up, so I changed it to the 568A once I read the directions properly and the port is now lit. I have the line from the office to the closet connected to the port on the data board, then the living room connected to the punch down; both are on the first spot. When I first got the port to light up I was unable to obtain an IP address through DHCP and setting a manual address didn't do anything. I made a crossover cable that I connected from the router to the wall (that goes to the port in the closet) and am still unable to get an IP address through DHCP, however, if I manually set an IP it works intermittently - I also plugged my macbook pro into the ethernet on the ATV2 side to see what results I got there and they were similar. I was never able to connect to the internet, but with the network diagnostics page open the ethernet connection flashed between yellow and red but would never stay solid or get a connection long enough to go green with a proper IP address through DHCP or manually.

The basic route that I'm working with is this: Router - > (crossover cable) Wall -> Data Module (ethernet port) then out to the living room starting with: Data Module (punch down) -> Living Room Outlet -> ATV2

All cables are cat5e and the crossover cable can easily be removed and switched out with a patch cable.

I'm a former custom installer but it's been about 5 years, and I've been doing corporate software/IT configuration/support for the last 3 years, so I'm not a total novice, but I haven't been able to find anything online that has helped with my particular set up.

I've done several searches on these forums as well as google and I haven't been able to come up with anything, so any suggestions would be helpful.
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