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I currently have a 5.1 set with B& 683 as main, 685 rear, htm61 center. I would like to extend the boundaries of my new Denon AVR-4810ci. Because of the room configuration I am not able to create a wide set up. I know that the height set up is not as impactful but this is my only option. I am including a picture of the room in order to have feedback.

As you can see I could set up the height speakers on the inside of this foyer on the ceiling. Will this work? If so I need help with the 45 degree set up suggested on the audessey web site. I am not sure I understand this principle. Also I have a pair of small Energy speakers(3mid and .75tweeter) will these speakers be sufficient for the height set up? Should I go with something else? With these pictures will you experts help with the best speaker placement? Thanks
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