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Audio Advisor shipping to Canada

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Anyone from Canada ordered from them? Who do they use for shipping and how was your experience?

Looking to get some AS-B1's and an AS-C1, best prices I have found.
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Ordered from them long long long time ago eg 7+ years ago. They have their own labelled boxes and they fulfill acurately. I think I received my stuff via post office but if I recall they can ship USPS or courier. Call them and find out their options.
You might want to look at FS. They have them on sale until Jan 2. Might as well get the F2.2's for the price you're going to pay in exchange, shipping and duties if there is any. And it gives you a Canadian warranty and fast exchange if anything is wrong with them.
Just looked on the FS site and B1's are $129, C1.2 $149, B2.2 $169. I'm guessing those are Canadian dollars. You can't get the C1.2 or B2.2 that cheap here in the states. The B1 price is probably equivalent to what we get them for at Audio Advisor.

What exactly is Boxing Day anyway?
yeah I just checked FS and to my surprise they are carrying the Athena's... I've started another thread so I can pick something before the sale ends.

"Boxing Day is the day when many retail stores sell their products at discounted rates" it is also a holiday here.

for more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boxing_Day

come take a look at my other thread and help me pick ;)
Boxing Day is Canada's version of Black Friday, it falls on the day after Christmas.
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