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Audio Cables vs Digital Optical

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Curious if someone could provide some insight for me in regards to audio: Audio cables vs. Digital Optical

I currently have DTV and will be purchasing a HTIB shortly. My satellite receiver allows for optical audio. Is there a difference that is noticable? Anyone compaire the two to verify that digital optical is that much better?

I will be purchasing optical and will do some testing myself, but I am just wondering if anyone else has gone thru this before and can provide some insight.
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You should use the search function. This horse has beaten to death many times.

Short version. There is no difference that can be backed up with actual lab measurements/data. They will sound the same.
Thanks for the info.
Depends on what you really mean....

Digital via Toslink (optical cable) vs digital via S/PDIF (coaxial cable), or digital via Toslink optical vs. analog (left/right jacks)?

If the former, no noticeable difference. If the latter, it can be a huge difference because digital formats like Dolby Digital cannot be transmitted via analog (left/right) connections - it takes a digital connection to do that, either optical or coaxial.

You actually may need to connect both the optical and analog connections for the full benefit. On my cable box, only the digital channels have output on the S/PDIF connection, all other channels come out on the analog left/right connections. YMMV on the connections since I'm not sure what DTV means (Direct TV or Digital TV?)....
Yeah if you are just talking about Red and White RCA stereo cables vs a Digital Cable, then it is a night and day difference. DD and DTS will not even work over stereo cables.

If you are talking about Optical vs Component Digital cables, then there is little to no difference
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