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What do you think is better for line level stereo analog audio (from

computer sound card to VCR) over a fairly long distance (around 15m/50

feet)? I have decided on either (based on price):

1xtwin screened mic/line cable (most expensive)

2xRG6 75ohm braided+foil shielded & foamed polyethylene (I think, it

looks and feels a bit like foamy polystyrene) insulated coax (moderate

price, but normally the most expensive, it's on sale although maybe

not so expensive if bought in bulk)

2xCoax Cable RG59 TV & Video 1/0.8mm copper + Foil & 68% Braid

(cheapest) [this is actually designed for satellite TV and such so

it's probably a bad idea]

My prelimenary thoughts tell me that the twin screened cable is better

to minimise ground loops. However the both 75ohm will probably have

less crosstalk and will probably shield against interference better

and have less attentuantion (assumingly the RG6 will be the better of

the two)?

I know you can't say for sure without the exact specs of the cable but

if you could tell me what would you think in general please, it will

be very helpful.

I will try to find out what the twin screened cable is. I think it's

Proel but not sure which one. However I will try to find out on Monday

and will post it if that will help. As for the RG6, well I can't find

out what that is. Ironically I have some here with me but all it says

on it is RG6/U COAXIAL CABLE. It's black :) As for the RG59, well

that's about all I can't find out.

Thanks all.
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