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** SOLD**

Price reduced to $1600.

I'm offering a pair of like new Sixpac tube amps with less than 30hrs of use for $1600. Paid $2400 when new and I have the manual plus original boxing. These are 50 watts RMS, 110 Watts IHF. Push-Pull, Triode, Class A/AB. Amps are cosmetically & functionally perfect and still 70hrs away from being broken in.

Please note that there is a very slight mechanical hum from the transformers. You need to be a foot away to hear it. However, this is perfectly normal per my conversation with a Cary Audio Technician. And no, there is absolutely no hum from the speakers when the amps are in use.

Someone brought up a concern about the age (7yrs) of the amps and cap degradation. I've followed up with Cary Audio on this as well and while it's 'possible', he felt it highly unlikely given my recent playback tests have been fine. The large black electrolytic filter caps are good for 15 or so years so in his opinion if the amps are working fine right now, they should be good for a long time to come.

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