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Hi guys,


I just got my SVS SB-1000 subwoofer today, and i'm not sure what's happening..


When I plug everything up I hear a hissing, humming sound from my A5+ that wasnt there before hand, or became more pronounced. 


This is my setup:


USB cable > Audio Engine D1 DAC > Output of DAC > to Input of A5+ > Output of A5+ > SVS SB-1000.



When I plug everything this way even with the subwoofer off, but powered, I get a humming noise in my A5+. 


What I've tried:


1) Changing RCA Cables.

2) Connecting my DAC to external power and using optical input.

3) Connecting the DAC to my laptop on battery power (humming goes away), but comes back in my speakers as soon as I plug into AC Power.

4) Unplugging my subwoofer AC power (humming goes away, as soon as I plug it back in it comes back).

4) Using different electrical outlets and power strips, all of which do not have dedicated shielding to electrical noise.





Even when the humming goes away in the scenarios I've described I still hear some white noise in my A5, are they damaged? Is this electrical noise?


RIght now, I'm managing with it, I noticed the humming is reduced if I turn down my A5 volume to around 45% and only use my DAC as volume.



I cant figure this out, I initially thought the noise was coming from my PC case not being properly grounded, but it confirmed with my work laptop also, whenever AC power is applied.



What do you think?
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