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Hi! I just spent a few hours browsing your forums, trying to learn as much as I can.

We're about to get possession of a new retail space and construction will be our first priority. Therefore, figuring out sound has to happen now, while we'll have access to electricians, etc, just in case.

The space is just under 1200 feet, and is split into 2 sections, separated only by a couple step, with no wall. The first half is hardwood floor, high tin ceiling. The second half is hardwood floor, 11' drop ceiling.

In looking around the forums, I can find 2 major options for people in my situation:

1) Soundsphere. I tried their online program and it suggested 3 110B Compact Loudspeakers down the centre of the room. I've emailed the Canadian distributor for pricing, but don't know how much they'll cost. I'm assuming they need a 70 watt amp, as well?

2) Atlas in-ceiling speakers for the drop-ceiling, and their ceiling speakers with baffles for the tin ceiling. Haven't sat with the protractor to figure out how many I'd need. Then I'd pair them with a TOA 900 series amp.

Do both of these sound reasonable? Should I just price them and go forth with the cheaper one? Should I treat the sections with different height ceilings as needing different volume controls? Is there a simpler, cheaper option that'd work for a space this size? To be honest, I'd started this research hoping I could use a couple Sonos machines and be done with it, but the more I read, the more unrealistic that sounds.

Thanks in advance for reading this mammoth post!
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