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Hey gang,

This forum has been SUPER helpful for my HT setup, and now I'm on to another project.

Recently in a new house ... Didn't wire it for audio.

Put a pool table on the main floor, and I'm looking for music/audio options for that room. Space is limited, and I want to keep it CLEAN. Does not need to be loud, or complex.

I literately have no idea the best way to approach this. Can I run a zone on my HK AVR-1700 in the basement, and run wireless speakers & use the android app to control it on the main floor?? Should I just buy a dock??

If you can come up with the best option for just the 'pool room', that would be fine, but I'd love to run the same 'zone' through the two areas of the main floor. Could I just buy 2 of something like the Sonos docks, and run them together in two different areas of the main floor, using my Android to stream music?

I guess I'm just looking for the best suggestion on how to play music from a mobile device in a home that hasn't been wired for audio.

Options? Suggestions? Totally lost.


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