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Just ordered the Sharp (732). Have two audio systems available (in storage atm so model numbers are fuzzy recall). Listening room is 19x22, with TV 6 feet off 19' wall. Viewing distance is 14'.

System A: Harmon Kardon 930 receiver from long ago.

System B: Adcom GTP-500 preamplifier and GFA-535 amp (have to confirm model number on the amp, but matches the preamplifier)

Speakers: Advent smaller models, refoamed.

Inputs: Denon 5 disc CD player, AVI single CD player (will get details from storage unit), probably will add OPPO 93, digital cable box (HD)

I know I can just leave all this in storage and get a new system, but humor me.

What could I add to either system to use what I have and surpass the sound from the TV speakers on a budget under $1000? Center channel, audio processor?

If you have information to add, please respond. If you only have sarcastic comments, pass on by.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to give this challenge a few moments' thought.

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