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I am trying to integrate dual subs in my HT.

I am looking for someone with spare time on their hands, wiling to walk me trough improving my system via phone calls and emailing FR graphs.

I have all this fancy stuff and just don't have time to learn it, and just in general questions that might come up that I don't want to wait a day for a response on forums.

I have HSU 5.2.2 with VTF3 MK5's. I just have front heights for the ATMOS so I'm not looking for any Atmos advice.

Primarily I need help using XTZ room analyzer and minidsp to get things sounding good. I do know how to take measurements wit XTZ.

I need someone to help me get minidsp set up best and make sure my subs and speakers are time aligned.

I could pay x amount per hour via PayPal. Pm me. Don't message me if you don't know how to use minidsp well.
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