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Audio noob needs advice HTIB vs seperates?

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Ok so I'm new to home audio, I dont really know what to look for when buying a reciever.

I don't want anything ultra high end or anything, just a decent 5.1 setup.

I currently have a Samsung HTIB which I;m not all that fond of. Everyone who is into Home audio seems to tell me the same thing and to go with seperates, which I have decided I will do.

The problem is I don't know enough to confidentl;y purchase them.

The place I work at has a closeout clearance sale on the Yamaha RX-V467 it retails for 329.00 i found it on newegg for 229.00 and I can get at my job fot 115.00

It has 4 HDMI ports which is good because I have HDTV, Blu ray, PS3, etc so I can use those.

The other problem is I dont know what the specs mean on a reciever other than the HDMI, component, etc.

I want to purchase 2 nice floor standing speakers (polk audio monitor 60's) and a center channel first, then i will add the 2 surrounds and a sub later.

How do i determine if the speakers i am looking at will go with this reciever?
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that Yamaha should have no problems driving those Polk

speakers as long as you are not listen at ear-bleeding levels.

A good start if you ask me. Don't buy any Polk subwoofers

though... You can do better with internet direct companies.
I don't think you can go wrong with that Yamaha for that price, can you get me one too? lol.

Seriously, that's an awesome price, jump on it. I would. I'm also looking forma receiver and would prefer a Yamaha.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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