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NOTE: Please only comment if you are familliar with Bose 301,161,etc. speakers. These are not Bose cube, acoustimass, wave, etc. gimmicks.

Hello all.

I just built a new home and will shortly be adding a dedicated home theatre in the basement. My current setup is a Sony ES STR-DA2100ES receiver, Bose 301 fronts, VCS-10 center, 161 rears, and an Infinity 10" sub (don't remember model of sub). I've never proclaimed myself to be an audiophile, but personally I don't think my setup sounds too bad... of course I have never heard a "good" surround sound system to compare mine to. I've been doing some reading and learned that Bose speakers are overhyped, overmarketed, and overpriced which is what led me to create this thread for help. With the new house I now have another use for these speakers, so I'd like some help getting the best bang for my buck in replacing them.

For the time being I would like to carry over my current Infinity sub and basically replace the 5.0 portion of my system (front, center, rear). I would like to eventually add two more speakers to complete 7.1 and then finally replace the sub, but for now lets concentrate on new front, center, and rear speakers. Ideally for these five speakers I'd like to keep the budget around $1200, but I will go as high as $2000. My setup will be for home theatre movies only... no music. Could you please give your opinion if you think replacing my current speakers with this budget would be worth the money.

Again, please don't bash Bose in this thread just to do it.

I am a licensed builder and also a mechanical engineer, so I'll be building the home theatre myself. I would like to build all my speakers in or on the walls/columns and if possible I'd like to use all the same model speakers other than the center if that is ok.

Additional info:

The room will be approximately 8' high from sub-floor to ceiling and 20'd x 14'w. If it matters I will be using my Sony KDS70XBR100 television and for the time being a PS3 as a video source.

I kind of like some of the Axiom speakers and they seem reasonably priced, but I'm open to all suggestions. Thank you for your help.
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